Flip Phone or Smart Phone is Perfect for Phone Lines

By Bhavani Kannan
March 24th, 2018

Some people are following a trend to go back to the olden days of using a phone that isn’t too smart. They wouldn’t really be called a dumb phone but they are certainly a phone that isn’t as smart as a smart phone. There are many reasons why someone would want to use this type of phone. First of all it doesn’t track as much of your behavior. Second of all it doesn’t waste your time so much with all sorts of apps. The downside is that you can’t access all of the information that you want to know for all time, so that does suck but the good news is that our dating chat lines work on a smartphone or a flip phone! Even to this day the cell phone companies are making new versions of the flip phones of yesteryear that are better than ever.

The Jitterbug phone is one that is actually designed with senior citizens in mind. It uses large buttons, a loud volume setting and an amazing feature for people who are older or who have health problems. This is one that automatically calls emergency authorities if something goes wrong. The menu is pretty simple to use too.

Another great flip phone is the LG VN170. This is a basic looking phone but it packs a punch. You can really do everything that you need to do with this phone. Beware that this is a CDMA phone which means it does not use a SIM card so it is perfect for carriers who do not use a SIM card.

Finally there is another phone that is similar to the Jitterbug. It’s great for seniors or anyone who is concerned with staying safe. It’s the Jethro phone and it is compatible with hearing aids so you can hear it no matter what. Now get to chatting on the line ASAP.