How to Tell if a Girl Wants You to Ask Her Out

By Bhavani Kannan
May 19th, 2017
Dating Chat Lines for Local Singles

When you’re talking on our dating chat lines for local singles you might be wondering how you can tell if people want you to ask them out. When it comes to women there are a few different signs and things you can look for to see when they like you during your phone chat, and when it is clear that they want you to ask them out.

  1. They ask you about your hobbies and interest. If a chick asks you about what you’re into during a local dating chat, then you are most likely someone she wants to go out with. Tell her that you’re into stuff like movies and things that you can do together. Then that will be an easy segue into asking her out on a date for stuff that you can do together.
  2. If she laughs at your jokes then you can be assured that she probably likes you. If two people have the same sense of humor then you will probably get along well in person and you have a good chance of becoming more than friends once you do meet up out in the real world.
  3. If she asks about your looks. Obviously on the phone you can’t see what someone looks like, so you always wonder a bit. If a chick expresses interest in what you are all about physically, you can try asking her out so that she can see for herself. You will find that this is especially true for people who are looking for hot hook ups on dating chat lines for local singles.

There you have it. Look for these signs to see if someone wants you to ask them out. Maybe some women are the ones who aren’t afraid to make the first move, but some are still too shy!