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Your Girls Love to Flirt Like CRAZY!Leroy from Detroit writes...

You are my favorite dating chat line! The women on your dating chat line are the hottest and the nastiest…I can’t believe some of the things they’re willing to say and do! Where do you find these hot crazy-ass party babes? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disrespecting them, but DAMN they flirt. I called your dating chat line about a hour ago and just got off the phone with two lesbians who were looking for a man to come over and do what comes natural… they sounded hella cute and man, they were NASTY…like I mean NASTY. THEY FLIRT LIKE CRAZY! I could not believe some of the things they were talking about! I didn’t know that there were any girls out there up for that kind of crazy-ass activity…I’m just saying they were FREAKS. Anyhow they live like an hour away from me and they said they were totally up to party, so I got to get offline now and get showered and smelling good and all, with my new kicks on and all…but damn. Talk 121 is the shizzy for reals…I could never get any girls to meet up with me on other lines and now I got two hot flirt-freaks waiting for me to come on over. WORD and thanks!!

Flirt Chat Lines with a Difference!Nickie from Tampa writes...

Talk 121, I love your free chat rooms! I used to spend about six hours a night trying to find people to talk with on the Internet, but I got sick of getting spammed by guys only interested in trying to get me to flirt and cyber with them. Just because I’m a single female does NOT mean that I’m available for every guy to talk to and flirt with! Okay, this is where you guys come in! I saw an ad for you in my local alternative paper, and I thought that you sounded much better than the whole Internet IM scene. I’d heard of free chat rooms before, but never called any. So finally I took the plunge and tried you out. I set up an introduction for myself, and could listen to introductions from your male callers. I said right in my introduction that I wasn’t looking for phone flirt, so right away, guys knew to only call me if they wanted to talk about decent stuff—movies, current events, our jobs, or whatever. I had total control over who could contact me! I never knew that free chat rooms could be so cool, or so easy to use! I feel like an idiot for wasting so much time on the Internet talking to guys who only wanted to get nasty. Thank you for such a female-positive source for conversation! I’m cc-ing this letter to the paper where I found your ad, as well. Again, many thanks to you for the service you provide.

Live Dating Chat Brought Me Marriage!

Who would have thought that live dating chat would have resulted in a marriage? I met Lucy on your local live dating chat line for Spokane, Washington. I couldn’t believe how sweet she sounded on her introduction: she didn’t use any nasty words, or talk dirty about herself. She just said she was a farmer’s daughter, and that she owned some property east of Spokane, and that she was looking for a man who could take care of her livestock and be a good father to her two boys. I thought about it for a long time, and then I finally called her introduction and said I thought I was up to the task, owning a small amount of land in Idaho myself. We met in a restaurant in Spokane. I felt a little shy, but Lucy put me at ease immediately. “Hank, do you call the live chat lines often?” she joked. I just blushed. I didn’t want to tell her it had been my first time. Anyhow, we met again and again, and the third time we met I brought my mama’s engagement ring. Lucy said yes, and now we’re due to get married on December 15 of next year. Her boys are troupers and I look forward to teaching them how to take care of my pigs. Anyhow, thanks for running a good live chat service. I never thought I’d be a married man, but I’m looking forward to making Lucy my bride.

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  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA

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