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Dating Chat Line – 121 – Hot or Not?Sammy from Cincinnati writes...

Hey, I called the dating chat line 121 and stayed on it all night long. I couldn’t believe all the hot chicks that were on the line. Well, I hope they were hot, but you never know until you actually meet someone if they look the same as they tell ya when you’re chatting on the phone. I didn’t actually go out and meet any of the girls that I was chatting with, but I’m going to do that. I was a little intimidated by some of the hot sounding babes and a little afraid to go out and meet any.

Chat Line Numbers – Wow, yes in my city.Bonnie from Vegas writes...

Was surfing the web the other night and typed in “free chat line numbers in Vegas” and this web site came up with a free chat line number to call. I couldn’t believe it, way cool. I called it and stayed on for an hour and chatted with lots of men. Most of them were not in Vegas, however I did chat with 2 cool guys in Vegas that were also into Texas Holdem. I went out and met one of them and now we are Poker Buddies. Well that’s not all we play, hehe. We play on his organ.

No 800 Chat LineHot Hanna from Los Angeles writes...

Hey I’m hot shit and I don’t like to waist my time on any bull shit mamby pamby 800 chat lines that you have to pay to chat with guys. What’s that all about? I found this chatline that you can call for free and there are a shitload of guys on it. I called the other night for the first time and hooked up with a backup model for a top agency here in Los Angeles. Oh by the way, I’m a model too and I don’t like to hang out with ugly guys or slobs. That’s right, I’ve got an attitude and don’t every apologize for it. Apologies are for sissies and wimps and losers. If you date me you better be ready to get your world rocked. I’m going to hang out on the line every Friday and Saturday for a while. Cum check me out.

  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA
  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA

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