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Compared to Other Dating Lines, This is the King Kong!Misty from Dayton writes...

I feel completely guilty admitting this but I’ve been having a blast talking with some awesome guys on Talk 121 while in a serious relationship. My man has been out with his friends a lot lately and I’ve been staying home chatting on Talk 121. I don’t foresee being single again anytime soon and if all I’m doing is talking to some fun people on Talk 121 while he’s out doing god knows what, I feel I’m behaving. Some of the down right ridiculous stuff some of the guys on Talk 121 keep me laughing all night long. There have also been quite a few sweethearts out there that if I were single I’d probably take them up on their offers to go out on a date. For now I’m completely content with listening to what some of you guys have to say and really have enjoyed my time using Talk 121. I recommend Talk 121 to any person out there looking to have some free fun one night.

Meeting People On The Dating Line Is EasyMark from Philadelphia writes...

Talk 121 is by far the best phone chat line available to anybody looking to meet new people and start a relationship out there today. My friends and I are all in our early thirties now and we’ve noticed over the last year or so that the amount of women we were once surrounded with has greatly diminished. It took one of my friends all of a couple of nights on Talk 121 to score an awesome girl. So slowly but surely we’ve all tried it out and now we hardly see each other anymore. I’ve dated two gorgeous women I met through Talk 121 in the past month and my buddies are doing the same. I’d never used a phone service before and once I called the support staff at the Talk 121 customer service desk they gave me all the tips and pointers a newbie like myself needed to know. It’s so simple to use and to this day I haven’t and to send a dime doing it. A couple of the guys enjoy it so much they’ve purchased a members minute package and I might do the same if I keep landing the amount of dates I do. Two big thumbs up to Talk 121!

The Talk121 Dating Line Is Simply AmazingSteve from New Jersey writes...

I need to send talk 121 special thanks for helping me get back in the swing of things out there in the dating world. I’ve been talking to so many women on their chat line that I don’t feel the slightest bit of nervousness talking to a woman anywhere now. Talk 121 eliminates the scenario where you have to venture across the room and blatantly hit on a woman, hoping she’s single. All the ladies on Talk121 are there to chat and have a good time. I continue to chat completely free on a nightly basis and often rush home from a long day of work just to do so. Its feels so much fun to be back in the dating world again and along the way meet some new friends.

  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA
  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA

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