Dating Advice from Matchmakers

By Bhavani Kannan
July 9th, 2017
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When you are doing things like online dating and dating on the phone there are things that you might not know, especially if you are in the subset of ages known as “millennial.” Those people haven’t had the opportunity to know what dating is like without these online aids. They haven’t experienced natural meetings, so that’s why matchmakers have some advice for you.

The first thing that the matchmakers want you to know is that it’s OK to not feel immediate chemistry. You don’t have to feel that chemical attraction right away. Sometimes that can come later and you might find there are other things to like about a person. It does take chemistry a bit of time to develop, so as long as some basic attraction is there, then you will be OK. We millennials are used to getting everything instantly, but this is one thing that needs some time to marinate. That’s why the phone for dating is the perfect thing. Because you can get to know someone before you meet in person!

Matchmakers also advise people to note that their own happiness comes from within themselves. There’s no reason to seek happiness from a partner. Sure they can make your life better and more happy, but if you’re not going to be happy on your own, a partner isn’t going to help you love yourself more. Love starts within yourself! Dating on the phone is the best thing you can do to take it slow and ease into something new. So, why haven’t you picked up the phone yet? Just find the number for your local area and dial it to get started with your new dating life. It’s just as easy as that. You can always talk on the phone for a few minutes or a few hours!