Dating Tips to Forget About

By Bhavani Kannan
September 3rd, 2017
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There is a lot of dating advice that is based in old ways of society when guys would take charge and chicks would just bow to their will. Also, these dating tips were made before all of this amazing technology that we have right now. So, they are really just irrelevant, especially for when you are dating on the phone and trying to meet someone cool that way.

First of all, don’t play hard to get. Why is this even a thing anyways? Playing games is not sexy or cool. It just makes people wonder what is going to happen and it stresses them out. Don’t we have enough stresses in our lives without all of this game playing going on? Instead of being too cool or acting like you don’t care, be confident, assertive and ask for exactly what it is that you want.

Another thing is that you need to wait three days to call someone back. This is a rule that everyone has been taught. If you want to talk to someone, just give them a call. This also goes for texting too. You don’t have to wait a few hours or days to text someone back and make them feel you are interested in them. Just find the time to communicate with them effectively whether that is on our free trial chat line, or via text or even e-mail.

The last myth is that online dating and phone dating are only for losers. This is something that you need to toss out of the window right now! Phone dating is for people who want to get it on with someone and they don’t want to waste a lot of money going out and buying some chick drinks that you don’t even know if she will put out. Just pick up the phone and try it!