Dating People Who Don’t Know What They Want

By Bhavani Kannan
June 27th, 2018
Dating People

Dating people who don’t know what they want comes with a lot of risks. While each person learns more about what they want over time, some decide only to look into people that have an idea (or more than an idea) of what they want. The thing is, many people also think they have a solid idea of what they want and find out at a later point that it is not entirely the case. It’s part of being human because many personal questions do not have easy solutions and the path that each of us takes while we’re alive is hugely unpredictable.

People that are open to changing over time and taking new points of view and beliefs into consideration are quite admirable. For many, people that have a solid idea of where they want to go in life are also commendable. Often, a balance between these two things can be an excellent thing. Finding people who know what they want, whether it be on a phone dating service or out in the wild, is not a guaranteed way to avoid getting hurt. There are plenty of relationships that end, and these endings are not limited to people who do not know what they want.

What’s important, however, is to respect the other person and to communicate with them, even if that communication happens after or at the end of a relationship (but preferably earlier than that). Some relationships that end because one person does not know what they want, would have been a lot better off had they had more open communication earlier in the relationship. By fostering dialogue that is open and tactful at the same time, many realizations can happen. These realizations can be used to either meet the other person halfway or to decide where the next path in a relationship might go. For phone dating or dating of any other type, fostering open and honest communication that is healthy can increase the likelihood of a relationship panning out well.