How to Balance Multiple Dates

By Bhavani Kannan
July 2nd, 2017
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If you use our dating phone chat line for free, chances are you are going to get to meet all the types of people that you want to meet. You may even meet so many people that you will go on dates with multiple people! This can get complicated to manage when you have chicks calling you up left and right so here are some tactics to deal with this “problem” that is really not so much as a problem as it is a great thing!

1. Try to pick a day for each phone date. If you have a regular standing date with each chick then you won’t get too confused as to who you are supposed be focusing on in that moment. Mondays are for Sally, Tuesdays are for Jane, ok you get the idea. This will also prevent any double booking.

2. Use a calendar. If you are worried about getting confused use a calendar. Online calendaring systems are great, like Google Calendar or iCal. This will make it so that it is really impossible for you to get confused. You can also use other electronic tools to keep your dates separate. You might take notes on them separately so that you remember specific facts about each one of them!

3. Use memory tools. If you are worried about remember facts about each of your chicks, you can use tools like mnemonic devices or acrostics to help you remember. Jessica’s birthday is January and she likes jumping jacks, is a great example. You can never be too careful.

The dating chat line for free is where there are so many single people that you might be surprised! The best part is they are all local to you because that is the whole point of our dating phone chat line for free.