Can I Improve My Dating Compatibility

By Bhavani Kannan
June 30th, 2018
Dating Talk Circles

A lot of dating talk circles around the concept of compatibility, and whether two people have enough of it to be in a successful relationship. It is also used as an excuse to break up with people at times or to not continue to explore a relationship. This can be a valid way to go about things, but compatibility also is a variable in relations that can be improved upon. You see, relationships have been studied a lot, and there are correlations between certain circumstances, personality traits, and other factors that can improve relationship success and compatibility.

Here are a few:

Improve general communication skills:

By becoming a better communicator, you have a higher chance of working out potential disagreements before they become issues. You are also likely to be a better problem solver. Being a better problem solver helps make life smoother for everyone, especially when everyone’s thoughts, ideas, and feelings are taken into consideration.

Learn to argue and debate fairly:

Eliminating the toxic elements around arguing, debating, and disagreeing will improve your compatibility with other people in general. Things like shouting and giving people the silent treatment will often be more likely to have others questioning whether they are compatible with you than benefiting you.

Try (and be open to enjoying) new hobbies and pastimes:

Studies have shown that people that have similar interests are more likely to have successful relationships and be more compatible. Take some time to explore and try new things. If you enjoy them, it will be just another thing that can be compatible between you and a person that you are interested in. Being open to exploring the pastimes and hobbies of the people you are interested in with them, and learning more about what they enjoy, can also lead to more inspiring conversations.

Each of these things can increase your compatibility with other people that you meet, whether it be for phone dating, work, or friendship.