Take Things Slower And You’ll Get There Faster

By Bhavani Kannan
February 2nd, 2015
Take Things Slower And You’ll Get There Faster

So, you’re looking for some dating tips because you’re chatting with a cute guy or hot local girl and you’re really excited. You really just want to get to the good stuff and clinch the deal, but you never know what the other person is thinking. Taking things too fast and sticking to business could get you into trouble with someone who would otherwise be interested in getting to know you better, so it’s always better to take things slow and take your cues from the person you’re chatting up on an intimate Talk121 phone line.

Sex maybe on on your mind, but it’s usually a good idea to save any sexy talk for when you know each other a bit better. Of course it’s OK to make silly jokes that a little bit sexual, or compliment someone on their appearance if you find them attractive, but if you take things slow on the sexual side, then you may find that you’ll get to know someone better, and they’ll get to know you better too. This could help them make the decision to go out with you even faster than if you just have sex on the brain while conversing.

The other side of sex, love, might also be in your sphere of consciousness while you are talking to people. With phone chat love and romance, it’s always best to take it slow. Even if you think you are falling for someone, they might feel a little flighty if you show your cards too soon. Again, letting someone get to know you before jumping into things will give them the full picture of who you are, and will allow them to feel comfortable going out with you in real life sooner than a person who comes on a bit too strong.

Remember these dating tips, because “slow” actually gets you places faster with phone dating!