Different Type of Guys

By Marcel Thoe
March 23rd, 2023
Different Type of Guys

You probably don’t know it, but every guy has a different personality. You can tell by the way they treat you, and how they approach relationships.

That’s why it’s important to understand the different types of guys you’ll encounter throughout your dating life. These are just a few of the most common.

1. The Alpha Male

Alpha males are often the type of guys that other men want to be, and women look up to as role models. They’re dominant, powerful, and assertive, but they’re not tyrants or bullies.

They’re honest about their opinions, and they tell it like it is – even when it hurts. They’re also good at self-correction, and they embrace mistakes as learning opportunities.

2. The Nerd

A nerd is someone who is obsessive about something. They love science and math, but they also like collecting books and comics.

They’re not always the most popular guy in their school, but they know how to make the best of what they have. They aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in and they aren’t afraid to be honest with their friends.

They also question everything they hear. They don’t take information at face value and they know that figures of authority can mislead people without them realizing it.

3. The Mama’s Boy

The Mama’s Boy is a term that has long been used to describe men who have a close relationship with their mother. These guys are typically sweet, devoted and understanding.

However, they can also be a major red flag in the dating scene. If your guy is constantly calling you over to his mother’s side or allowing her to have a big say in your relationship, then it’s not the best thing for you.

4. The Party Boy

The Party Boy is a fun guy who knows how to throw a good party. He’s got an extra oomph factor thanks to the Feeling and Extraversion traits.

He also has the Judging personality trait, which means he’s likely to be socially bold and ready to get the party started. He may even have a few Jackass-esque antics up his sleeve! But if you’re going to date one, make sure it’s the right one. You don’t want to end up stuck in a relationship that isn’t worth your time or heart.

5. The Confident Guy

Confident men aren’t afraid to take chances. They know they can’t have everything and are always open to learning new things.

They are also very generous. When they see someone else in need, they’re not afraid to help.

6. The Responsible Guy

If there’s one thing that all men should strive for, it’s responsibility. Responsible guys are able to set boundaries, know their limitations and know when to say no.

Being a responsible guy has its rewards, from increased self-esteem to better relationships. Check out these 8 things that all responsible guys do to see if you’re one of them! The best part is, they might even be the most fun you’ve ever had. Whether you’re dating, married or just interested in getting more out of your life, it’s time to start taking control!

7. The Self-Esteem Guy

The Self-Esteem Guy is a bit more difficult to identify, but he’s also one of the most interesting guys you can date. He may be six foot tall or have the best abs in the world but he still feels like an underdog sometimes.

Often times, low self-esteem is reinforced by a snobby inner voice that makes him feel less than stellar. Hence, it’s no wonder he has a hard time taking feedback or making a decision on his own.

8. The Repeat Offender

The repeat offender is a person who repeatedly commits the same type of crime. This person is considered a habitual offender and may face harsher sentences or stricter rules.

There are many different types of repeat offenders. Some may be related to drug abuse, while others are street offenders or ex-prisoners. Identifying these reoffender types is important for developing strategies to reduce them.