How Descriptive Language can get Anyone in the Mood for Phone Play

By Bhavani Kannan
May 9th, 2018
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This blog is intended for people that are a part of the phone dating community and want some tips on how to use language to get phone lovers interested in phone play. Basically, the foreplay of phone play is descriptive language and friendly banter. Learn about the people you’re connecting with by hearing them out and asking questions about their life and interests. The stronger your bond is, the better the phone sex because when there is trust and mutual understanding, sexuality becomes more connected and fun!

Think of it like this, the more you spend time with someone the likelier you are able to connect on an array of subjects and situations. The more time you spend with your phone lover, the more you will get to know about him or her and the more that you know the more you are able to have fun with one another. By using descriptive words, you express your experience in a way that is not only flowery but also vision ready. That means that your phone lover will likely be able to visualize based on the descriptive words you use.

By describing how you feel, what you like, and what you want, you are painting a picture that then your phone partner based off their experiences and imagination uses to create a clear visual of who you are and what you enjoy. This is a true act of fun and through creativity you can truly have the time you want.

The chat lines never close down, giving you a steadfast of continuous opportunity to call and get connected with others. All you have to do to get started is dial the chat line number and you will be instantly connected with someone new. Then you can practice your description skills out and see how your new phone friend reacts.