Find a Seder Date

By Bhavani Kannan
April 1st, 2017

When it comes to Passover time, it can be kind of awkward if you show up at your community┬áseder without a date in tow. Otherwise you’ll have to sit and talk awkwardly to strangers and your aunt will probably try to set you up with that girl that you already know you really don’t like. Everyone will ask you why you’re still single, and you might even feel embarrassed. However, now that there is this free chat line available in so many local areas of the world, you can get on the line and find a date far before the seder. It’s easy to use and free to try, so what are you even waiting for?

You can talk to people and find out if they are interested in going to a seder with you, and more. Some people love to connect on the phone and chat for a while before meeting up. If you’re going to a Passover celebration it would be a good idea to have a first date before then so that you don’t have any embarrassing mishaps when it comes time to open the door for Elijah. You can find someone who lives near to you and make sure that you like each other before you show up at the seder on the big day. Dating chat lines are perfect for this kind of thing, and they are way better than online dating sites because you don’t have to base what you’re thinking on a shallow picture or profile that allows people to say just about anything.

So, don’t feel lonely this Passover. Get on the phone and find a Jewish friend to bring to your family’s get together and make it a whole lot more jolly as spring erupts and things get fun on the free chat line.