Get Grooving at the Electric Daisy Carnival

By Bhavani Kannan
June 2nd, 2017

If you’re looking for a great getaway date idea when you meet someone on free live chat, a 3 day electronic music dance party will not disappoint on June 16-18. The Electric Daisy Carnival, or EDC, is a 3-day high energy mind bending party that will stimulate all your senses in Las Vegas. This party has it all in dazzling lights with a heavy thumping soundtrack. EDM is like a condensed Burning Man, Vegas style without the hippy cult vibe. Not only does it have art and music, it has light shows that would make the strip look like a Light Bright. There are performers, carnival rides, crazy costumes and thousands of fun sexy people to watch.

This is an ideal date if you always want to know what to do next, where to eat, or just feeling like you have to be entertained. It is perfect if your urban chat line numbers date is a vibrant cutie who has tons of energy or you want to impress them with your spontaneous wild and adventurous spirit. It’s even great for introverts because you can keep to yourself and have great people watching opportunities with good music in the background. Unlike Burning Man, you can leave at anytime to get back to your nice Las Vegas Hotel and have some more personal time, unless you’ve meet some wild sexy friends that want to take the party to your room, or just enjoy what the strip has to offer. If you haven’t had a Las Vegas buffet, you haven’t lived. You can even skip out on the party one day and go to the beautiful natural wonders, like Red Rock just outside the city or venture into Old Vegas or the Fruit Loop to see how the locals like to have fun, which is highly recommend. No matter what you do, you will not have a bad time and your free live chat date will surely enjoy themselves.