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By Bhavani Kannan
February 19th, 2017
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Stop comparing your matches to your ex. It’s not healthy and it’ll only create problems down the line. It’s ok to make note of negative qualities that you witnessed in past relationships in order to avoid repeating mistakes. Other than that, it’s just bad news. Although deep down we are all the same and all that superficial hippy wisdom, people really are all unique. And no one will ever be able to live up to the two mythological superwomen you’ve created in your mind, your mother and your ex-girlfriend. How can anyone compete with the idealized memory, stripped of all the hard moments. You will end up passing on some great people or annoying the hell of your dates from free online dating chat lines, making them not want to see you again. So what are some ways to stop this negative behavior?

Like any bad habit, there are many ways to either stop at the root or distract yourself from the urges when using free dating chat lines. If you want to get at the root, stop and get introspective. Meditate or go to a therapist and talk it out. Ask yourself why you feel you keep thinking of your old partners or what may be pushing you to sabotage new relationships. Be honest with yourself and eventually you’ll come to understand the reason and be able to resolve the situation. You can also take the behavior modification route by distracting yourself when you catch yourself thinking bad thoughts. You can go for a walk, go to the gym, put money in a jar, snap a rubber band around your wrist, or text a friend that’ll set you straight. There are a multitude of ways to get your mind off negative behavior and thoughts. Soon you’ll be having a great time with all the dates you find on our free online dating chat and forgetting about that old flame.