How to Keep Your Cool When Talking on the Line

By Bhavani Kannan
March 21st, 2017

For some people, the prospect of talking to someone who is pretty hot and sexy can make them all tongue tied and make every thought leave their head, even if they are talking on free phone dating lines instead of chatting in person. How can you keep your thoughts all together and sound like a coherent person even if you are really shaking in your booties?

  1. Remember – people are just like you. Everyone has fears, faults and great qualities and the same is true of you. A lot of nervousness comes from thinking that you’re not good enough, but you should know that everyone has these feelings – even the people you think are super awesome who you encounter on the phone lines.
  2. Breathe deep. Before you pick up the phone take a few deep breaths to center yourself and make sure that you are feeling grounded before you talk to someone. By doing this you can start to conquer any nerves that might pop up before they even develop while talking on the list of chat line numbers for dating.
  3. You can always try again. If you meet someone and end up twisting your words and sounding silly, there will always be more people to talk to on free phone dating. There are tons of people online in each area where we have a line. All you have to do to try again is pick up the phone once more and have some fun.

Phone chat lines are great for people who are a little shy and many people who feel socially awkward actually find the lines a bit easier to use than meeting someone in person. So, if you find yourself getting tongue twisted when talking to a beautiful chick or a hot guy, the phone line might be the perfect way for you to meet someone.