Test to Find Out If the Phone is Right for You

By Bhavani Kannan
November 3rd, 2017

Here is a hot test to find out what you want from your free phone talk experience. Some people know exactly what they want all the time while others don’t know exactly what they do want. Neither of those is a problem especially with this quiz!

  1. Do you hate leaving your house in bad weather: yes/no
  2. Do you loathe how much dough you spend on dates that don’t pan out: yes/no
  3. Do you like keeping your identity anonymous until you choose: yes/no
  4. Do you want to meet singles near you: yes/no
  5. Are you sick of online dating: yes/no
  6. Are you especially sick of those swiping apps that never lead to anything: yes/no
  7. Do you want to know that you’re chatting with a man or woman for sure: yes/no
  8. Do you enjoy roleplay: yes/no
  9. Do you like meeting people who are open minded: yes/no
  10. Do you enjoy talking on the phone in general: yes/no
  11. Are you looking for a method of dating that will actually lead to results: yes/no
  12. Do you want to talk on a chat line that has no professionals: yes/no
  13. Do you want to get laid: yes/no

Ok so, if you answered yes to a bunch of these questions then the real answer is that chat lines are definitely for you. The truth is that they are really for everyone, really. Everyone can find someone that they are into. There is something for everyone whether you are kind of shy and not really lucky in bed or whether you get laid all the time and are looking for some spice to sprinkle on top of your full meal of sex partners. No one on the phone is judgemental whether you have some kind of hot fantasy, total fetish or you just want to get laid.