It’s OK to Admit Dating Apps Aren’t For You

By Bhavani Kannan
November 21st, 2017
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If you are feeling kind of burnt out on those dating apps that you have to swipe back and forth to say whether or not you like someone, then you may be at the point where you’re ready to admit that these apps are not for you and we’re here to say: it’s OK! Maybe you’re just ready for something new, which is probably our free sex chats. Here you can talk to local singles who want to get to know you and chat on the phone about anything and everything. It’s really pretty sweet and a great change of pace from impersonal apps.

First of all, most people in all of history have never used dating apps before, so why do you need them? Try the phone lines instead and discover how your grandparents or parents may have gotten together. Start talking to the older generation and they will tell you how good phone dating chats have treated them. It’s not just for old fogies anymore.

There are a lot of disadvantages in general to online dating apps. You have to wait for people to message you back and they might fade away after you’ve already spend a lot of time trying to meet up with them. On the phone people are pretty up front and real. They just want to chat and many of them are down to go on real life dates with you!

Free sex chats can lead to something great. It’s a fun thing to try and it’s what you should do if you’re ready to tell everyone how much you hate online dating sites and apps. Believe it or not, dating doesn’t have to be an absolute nightmare. It can actually be fun! So give it a shot and pick up the phone. You’ll have fun.