What Do Men Want From Women?

By Bhavani Kannan
July 9th, 2017
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When you are a chick on the free trial chat you might be wondering what guys actually want from you. Some men don’t have the easiest time expressing their true desires and so they might use so much sexuality to hide their true emotions. How can you support a guy and give him the sexy times he craves while still figuring out how he is feeling? It is really not that hard when you consider that most guys do want the same thing.

First of all, many dudes on a sexy chat line really want someone who can make them feel important and needed. Sure it may seem cliche but if you really want a guy to come over for a hook up, why don’t you suggest that you have something broken that might need fixing? Then he can come over and fix your fridge, and you get to see him acting all manly. Even on a date you can make him feel needed by letting him hold the door for you or even just asking him to pour you a glass of water.

The other thing that guys want is to earn your sexual trust. That’s why they love to play those cat and mouse games that you hear about so much. Guys really love the chase, so if you want to catch them you can play a little hard to get but not too much. Examples on the free trial chat might be a silly giggle when they mention something sexy or playing like you are a bit more prude than you actually are. That’s how to make a dude happy and this will actually get them into your pants faster than they even thought was possible. Most dudes like a conquest and you can give that to them on the free trial chat.