How to See Your Date in their Bathing Suit

By Bhavani Kannan
October 1st, 2016
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When you’ve met someone on a free trial phone chatline like this one, you will probably end up taking them out on a date if you like them. That is the whole point of this website, after all. You get to talk to people on the phone from your living room and then decide if you like them or not without having to wine and dine someone only to find out that you’re not compatible. When you do go out, it’s more fun when you get to see your date in their skivvies or bathing suit, but how can you make that happen?

  1. Go to the beach! If you live in a place that has beaches, they are the perfect place for a date. They are usually free or low cost, and you can bring your own refreshments. There are lots of things to do there like swimming, playing sand games or just relaxing. If you don’t live near the ocean you can go to a lake or a river to have a similar experience. All you need is the hot sun beating down so you and your date will be in your skin revealing suits.
  2. Go to a waterpark! This is a fun place for adventure lovers who have met on a free trial phone chatline where there are big water slides and fun tubing adventures to be had. Strip down to your skivvies and get wet together. Waterparks are one of the most perfect ways to cool off in the summer, especially when you don’t live near a big body of water that is good for swimming. They also have wave pools which are a cool place to relax.
  3. Head to the hot tubs. There are places you can go where you can rent a hot tub for an hour or two, which is a great place for a winter date night with someone you’ve met on chat lines.