Technology Companies Race to Fix Spectre Bug in Phone

By Bhavani Kannan
January 12th, 2018
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Some news came out recently about a new bug that is affecting pretty much all smartphone devices and most computers too. There are two terrible bugs that were discovered which affect the actual chips that control all of the devices that have become so important to our everyday use. However, it shouldn’t affect anything that you do with a fun chat line, because it doesn’t affect your ability to use your phone to make phone calls. It simply allows hackers to get access to certain apps and they might be able to trick them into giving up certain information.

This is one reason why it’s a great idea to go back to the way things were and talking on the phone is a great place to start with that. You will have a great time feeling like it is 1999 again and chatting on the phone at home. You don’t have to swipe past anyone’s face and best of all talking on the phone doesn’t give you any of your personal information. It doesn’t store any data like your apps and it has a free trial unlike many online dating sites. You can just hop on the fun chat line and talk to just about anyone that you want to talk to.

Do you have a hot fantasy but you’re too embarrassed to have it be associated with your name or image? Then a chat line is the perfect place for you to experiment because you can get your desires fulfilled without even leaving the comfort of your own home. You can just sit on your couch in your sweats or sexy lingerie and have a good time enjoying whatever it is that you can talk about with a horny stranger, no information needed.