Get Confident for a Hook Up

By Bhavani Kannan
July 12th, 2016
nude couple touching their fit bodies

Booty calls and hook ups are something really fun in life. However, some people out there are less than satisfied with the way they look. Chalk it up to unrealistic body images shown in magazines or whatever you want, but there are ways you can get to feeling the best version of yourself. If you find you’re nervous about a hook up because of the way you look nude, try some of these tips to boost confidence.

  1. Diet. Adjusting your diet can help to fix whatever problem is making you feel less confident. If you take in more omega-3s you can fix skin problems, and by cutting out sugar and alcohol you can lose a few pounds and get that cut figure you’ve always wanted.
  2. Take a hot shower. After you take a hot shower your dick does actually get bigger because it promotes blood flow to that area. Women can benefit from this trick too because increased blood flow to the vulva can increase sexual pleasure.
  3. Stand up straight. Listen to your mother, she was right, standing up straight and having good posture makes you look confident and feel confident when going into a potential hook up situation. It has the added benefit of minimizing any gut that you might be trying to hide.
  4. Exercise. This is a given. People who exercise look amazing naked and you can even do a few reps right before a date to make your muscles pop so you can impress your date when you take off your shirt.
  5. Grooming. Make sure that everything is up to par on the grooming side. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, shave the places you shave and make sure you’re smelling and looking good.

All these tips will help you feel confident when you’re about to get naked with a hook up you’ve met on Talk121.