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Haunting is an online dating term that is related to ghosting. Someone ghosts you but then they start liking and following you on social media.

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Bugaboos can be obnoxious but all you have to do to get one off your back is to make sure that you're being up front with them about what you really want. If you've got a bugaboo, use Talk121's chat lines to get a different date! You don't need someone annoying you, you need someone who is going to have a great time with you!

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If you're looking for your own hot booty call then you can check out Talk121's local chat lines. They are free to try so there's really nothing holding you back. Find that special low pressure breezy today because there's a hot chick on the other end of the line who wants the same thing as you do!

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Booty Call

If you've got a faithful booty call who will always come when you call, don't let that go because they are hard to find. Well, actually, people who use Talk121's chat lines to find booty calls do find success because there are tons of local people in your area waiting on the other end of the line who are looking for a hook up just like you. It's easy to find what you want when so many others are on the line.

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Better Half

If you are still searching for your better half then you should give Talk121's chat lines a try. There are tons of other singles in your area on here and you can easily talk to many different people to find the one that is right for you. Having a better half is very fulfilling so go for your dreams and find one on Talk121 today.

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Ball and Chain

You should know that there are lots of other people out there if you become single again, and you can use a Talk121 local chat line to find them. If your significant other is sounding more like a ball and chain, try meeting someone who will set you free.

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Wing Man

It's kind of a complex process to pick someone up out in public and the local brew house, and it's an expensive endeavor too. Why not skip the wing man and give Talk121 a try? Our local chat lines are free to start and it's so easy to use.

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No one knows why this phenomenon keeps happening to good people, but using a Talk121 chat line to meet a date might be a good way to get out of the dreaded friendzone. You can talk to a date, and let them know that you're interested in being more than just friends before you even meet them which will set the stage for good things to come, whether you want a hook up or an ongoing fling.

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If you don't have a Valentine when the holiday rolls around, then it would be a good idea to get on Talk121's local chat lines to meet someone special who you might consider your sweetheart for the season. Valentine's Day can get lonely if you're single, but you can fix that with an easy call to Talk121.

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A Lay

You can have a good lay which is when the sex is awesome, or a bad lay which is an experience you probably don't want to repeat. Meet your next lay right here on Talk121 chat lines, because it's easy to meet a hook up here. There's someone on the other end of the phone who is waiting for a lay like you if that's what you're looking for too!

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Double Date

If you go on a double date with a friend, the two of you can work together to help each other seal the deal! Going on a double date makes it easier to have more conversations and more things to do. You can tell your date stories about you and your friend and they will get an even better idea of what your life is like.

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VGL – Very Good Looking

Saying you are VGL can put you up on a pedestal and make you have a lot of admirers, but some people are turned off by people who are self proclaimed as VGL because they want their partners and dates to be a bit more humble. If you think you are Very Good Looking, shout it from the rooftops if you want, or keep it to yourself and just tell whoever you want to know about your good looks.

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ISO – In Search Of

ISO is usually a precursor to a list of qualities that someone is searching for in their significant other, a date or a hook up. If you see ISO then that means that you should pay attention to what comes next so you'll know if you're a good match or not.

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Open Relationship

Open relationships can be fun if all parties involved are clear about their feelings, intentions and what they are doing with their other lovers. It's definitely not a relationship style that is for everyone because jealousy can certainly rear its ugly head, but when it works out, it works well.

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Instead of telling you they just stop communicating with you and don't really follow up with anything, leaving you to wonder what happened. If someone ghosts you, don't get down and out, all you have to do is pick up a phone and call one of our local chat lines. You'll easily meet someone new who lives in your area!

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CD – Crossdresser

If you see the acronym CD or someone tells you they are a CD over the phone on one of Talk121's local chat lines, you can bet that they are a crossdresser. Now it's important [...]

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If someone says ASL to you on one of Talk121's online chats or over the phone line, then you will know they want to know how old you are, whether you're a boy or a girl, and where you are located.

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