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  • Fond your new Bae and chat with her all night long.


When you call someone your bae you can't take it back so make sure you really mean it! Whether or not you're looking for someone to call this term of endearment, you can use the chat lines of Talk121 to find whatever you're looking for, even if it's just someone to fool around with.

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  • Hey guys we all know its about the brains, the bigger the brains the more fun.


Sapiosexual is a bit of a tongue in cheek term that means anyone who is turned on by someone who has the smarts to hold an intelligent conversation. If you find yourself getting aroused by smarts, then you might be sapiosexual.

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  • You never know who you might find on the chatline, maybe even someone for your next long term relationship.

LTR – Long Term Relationship

LTR stands for long term relationship, and it is a relationship that you expect to last for more than a few months. You can definitely meet people who are interested in an LTR right here on Talk121.

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  • I'm SAF baby, you know I'm so ready for you to jump my bones.

SAF – Single As Fuck

If you are SAF and want to change that, using one of Talk121's chat lines is a great idea to meet someone new. If you're SAF and proud, it's still a good idea to use Talk121 to find someone cool who is down to hook up.

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  • Evene if you are Facebook Official with someone, you can still have casual vanilla chat on the chatline.

Facebook Official

Facebook Official means that you have been dating someone for a while now and you are ready to make it official, not just by telling your friends and family, but by changing your relationship status.

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  • Second base is definitely the hot and steamy followup to first base, which sometimes requires some time and patience before the payoff is achieved.

Second Base

After you meet someone on Talk121, you may want to hook up with them. You will likely start at first base, in which your tongues will intertwine! Then you will proceed to second base which means that you will feel your partner up.

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  • You never really know until you call just who you may find on the Talk121 chat line.

Love at First Sight

Many debate whether or not "love at first sight" is real or not. The concept is that you fall in love with someone the very first time you meet them.

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  • Practice your pick up lines on the chatline, see if you can make a lady laugh.

Pick Up Line

A pick up line is something that you say to get someone initially interested in you. Some people choose pick up lines that are a bit cheesy, but that's OK, because they almost always get the other person to smile.

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  • Getting to first base can sometimes be the hardest step, once the ice has been broken, but often smooth sailing there on out.

First Base

First base is the first intimate act you will do with your date. Of course you don't have to go in any specific order, but the "base system" was just designed based off of what people usually do.

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  • On the chatline you can connect live with someone and share stories about sexting you have done, or received.


Sexting is texting, but in a sexy way. You can use sexting to seduce someone, once you've gotten their personal number after chatting with them to see if there is some chemistry on one of the Talk121 chat lines.

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  • Casual hookups have been around forever, but only in recent years have people realized their friends can be a good option.

Fuck Buddy

A fuck buddy is someone who is your friend, and you also have sex with them. A good fuck buddy is actually hard to find because it's hard for people in these types of unique relationships to not get their feelings involved in such a sexual relationship.

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  • In regular everyday life you may find many women seem hard to get, but on Talk121 you can always find an unlimited number of ladies ready and willing.

Hard to Get

Someone who plays hard to get is playing games in the dating game. Playing hard to get means that you pretend or act like you're not really available or interested when you are.

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  • Nothing compares to the experience of meeting and getting to know someone, and finding that you are head over heels in love.

Head Over Heels

Sure, if you fell down a hill, you'd roll head over heels, but this term also stands for the feeling you get when you are falling deeply, madly in love with someone.

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  • Seductress women come in all shapes and sizes, as the sexy part is a combination of the look in their eyes and the sound of their voice that you can hear on the chatline.

Good Game

Those with good game always have a date and never go out alone, though having good game is just one part of the seduction process. If you don't have good game yet, don't worry, trying chatting on a local phone line to meet local singles is a great way to get your game up to par.

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  • Flirting is enjoyed by both men and women, and best accomplished when in a relaxed, comfortable mood.


Flirting is a very common occurrence over the Talk121 chat lines, where people are looking for love and lust. Whether you want a hook up or a relationship, flirting is one way to get there.

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  • Women dreaming of tall handsome men should call up the local chatline number and see what they can find.

TDH – Tall Dark and Handsome

In old movies, the leading man would often be described as tall, dark and handsome or TDH. This was something for men to aspire to. There are still some women who enjoy this type of guy.

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  • You can tell when you first see someone who is HWP because that is what most men and women are naturally attracted to.

HWP – Height Weight Proportionate

HWP is an online dating term that is used to describe someone who is height-weight proportionate.

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  • Women of all shapes and sizes love to hookup with a big, handsome man, and there are lots to go around.

BHM – Big Handsome Man

A big handsome man is a guy who is well, big! You might call them fat, husky or large, and there are tons of women who appreciate a guy with a little extra around his middle, and a little chunk to his thigh.

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  • Evene the most seemingly innocent sounding callers you encounter on the chatline may really get hot for deep, dark fetish fantasies.


People who are into BDSM enjoy a variety of activities from tying people up and spanking them, to enjoying it when a service oriented submissive licks their feet or worships a dom's hot body.

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  • If you ever find yourself specifically looking to chat with non-smokers, or healthy people in general, you might be able to find them on Talk121.

NS – Non Smoker

If you see NS written somewhere online about someone, or if someone says on a dating chat line that they are NS, they are referring to the fact that they are a non-smoker.

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