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  • Calling up your partner and having phone sex is a great way to stay connected in a long distance relationship.

LDR – Long Distance Relationship

When you use a local chat line, you will find dates and relationships that are closer to where you are. Long distance relationships can be a chore, because there is a lot of trust involved and a lot of people spend much of their time talking on the phone or via video chat.

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  • Guys go wild for voluptuous, curvy BBW women, of which there are many to choose from on the Talk121 chatline.

BBW – Big Beautiful Woman

BBWs has big titties, a nice floppy stomach, thick thighs, a juicy booty and arms with fatty flaps that attract a certain type of guy. BBW's are sometimes known as husky or large and in charge, and they are great for dating because they have a lot of extra stuff to hold on to in intimate encounters and they're not ashamed of their large stature, they are more so proud of their beautiful figures that speak to plentiful times and a great enjoyment of life.

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  • When you first begin dating someone, maybe someone you have met on the chatline, you might want to Go Dutch and split the cost of the meal.

Go Dutch

When you're out on a date with that special someone you've met on a local chat line via Talk 121, if you decide to split the check when it comes to the table, that is known as going Dutch. While tradition sometimes dictates that a man take the check, some women appreciate going Dutch because it gives each member of the couple equal power, and makes it so that everything feels even.

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  • Chemistry between two people can be a powerful thing, and often feelings of lust and love can be confused.


When you have chemistry with a date, you will know it. You will feel ridiculously attracted to your date, will laugh at all of their jokes and the conversation would be able to continue non-stop until dawn if you let it!

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  • Having a crush on someone sounds like a juvenile description, but nowadays many mature people use it as well.


When you have a crush on a person, that just means you like them a lot, but they might not know it yet. How will you know if you're having a crush on someone that you've met on a local chat line? Your pulse will quicken, your mouth might be dry, and you won't be able to get that person out of your mind.

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  • Hot and heavy make out sessions from your past can be great experiences to describe and share with someone new on the chat line.

Making Out

Making out is a full mouth kind of kissing that usually involves some tongue action and open mouth macking. Making out is usually more of a precursor to some other stuff that is hot and heavy. If you have a hankering to make out with someone, it's pretty easy to meet someone new by using one of Talk 121's local chat lines.

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  • Calling up a chat line is a method some people use to find a local hookup partner, especially when they want to cut to the chase.

Hook Up

What is a hook up? There are a lot of things that a hook up could be. It could be a one night stand, an ongoing NSA relationship or a friends with benefits kind of thing.

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  • Sometimes when your relationship ends your friends start looking really attractive in ways you never realized before.

FWB – Friends With Benefits

FWB stands for Friends With Benefits. The benefits are usually sexual in nature. It is similar to an NSA (no strings attached) relationship in that it is a sexual relationship that doesn't have all of the complications that happen when emotions get involved.

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  • In the modern world people can become so busy with their lives that they have little time to put towards keeping a relationship going, so No Strings Attached often works well for them.

NSA – No Strings Attached

There's really no strict definition of a "no strings attached" relationship, except that there basically is no relationship. NSA means that you're looking for a relationship with lots of fun but without the obligations that more traditional relationship styles tend to bring. A no strings attached relationship is different than a one night stand, because usually NSA style relationships are ongoing, and could be a good source for a regular booty call!

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