Great Devices for Easy Hands-Free Fun on The Chatlines

By Tamala Stankaitis
October 11th, 2021

Why should I join the chatlines?

Becoming an active participant on the chatlines may benefit you in several ways. It can rekindle a sexual spark between partnerships, help you find pleasure and release, improve your communication skill set, increase confidence, present moment mindfulness, and more!


The phone chat platform is free to join, and all you have to do is dial one of the private sex numbers, and you’ll soon be connected with someone new. Not only that, but the chat platform is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. People from all areas of our planet are active and want to chat it up with someone like you.


This is a consistent opportunity to learn more about yourself and others. You can talk about your sexual desires and masturbate with friendly strangers on the phone. Also, while in person sexual interactions are fun, there’s nothing quite like phone sex. You can use your imagination and get creative with others. You can use your desires to guide you to experience role-playing scenarios and more.


Why you should go hands-free on the telephone chat lines? 

On the telephone chat lines, you’ll likely find yourself in many sexual conversations that lead to arousal. You may get distracted by your wet pussy or your vast erection and want to touch yourself. That’s understandable. However, you may not want to put your phone on speaker. What if your roommates or housemates overheard your conversation?! Unless perhaps that’s your kink…?


But if not, you may want to consider investing in a hands-free device because then you can please yourself while your phone friend does the same. It’s hot, and it can be whatever you want it to be. You can create the image in your hand of what your phone friend looks like, and you can be in a scene together while fantasizing and cumming hard. Talk about stress relief!


Bluetooth devices are now affordable, and you can find them at most stores and online. You have options when it comes to technology that will be right for you.


Ways to explore a hands-free phone sex experience 

There are plenty of ways to explore hands-free on the chatlines. You can use a Bluetooth device, and these tools come in almost every form. You can use headphones or even a car phone. Being hands-free opens you up to experience more now with your body as you talk and listen to other like0minded individuals on the phone.


You can also incorporate hands-free sex toys when talking dirty to others on the phone chat platform. That way, you can focus on pleasing yourself while listening to hot women get off. On the free chatlines, you can talk about any fantasy or co-create something new and specific to you and your phone pal’s sexual interests.


                       Bluetooth devices 

Bluetooth technology is a wireless technology that allows for connection between devices within a relatively short distance. It is the ultimate hands-free breakthrough technology. The chances are that you’re familiar with Bluetooth devices and likely have even used Air pods or other Bluetooth headsets for listening to music, taking phone calls, and more.


You can use Bluetooth while you’re active on the sex chat to give yourself the perk of being hands-free. What will your hands be doing when you’re chatting with hot strangers?! If you want to do some BDSM phone sex, one person can tell the other what to do with their hands. There are unlimited ways to connect with others via phone conversations. Having your hands explore whatever you want to at the moment may make a significant difference in your phone sex experiences.


                       Hands-free car kits HFCK 

While it’s highly not recommended to explore phone sex from your car because of the potential increased danger and ability it takes to concentrate on a dirty conversation and driving at the same time, you may want to explore HFCKs or hands-free car kits that easily allows you to answer calls hands-free while in your vehicle.


While Bluetooth devices are the easiest way for you to explore wild phone sex, you still may want to learn about other ways to be hands-free.


Personal navigation devices 

Personal navigation devices PNDs are devices that help with instructional directions. While you will likely not use these devices for phone sex, it’s good to know other hands-free devices to use for different reasons.


The best of hands-free devices 

Typically, the best hands-free devices that may be used for various reasons include auditory features that focus on the microphone, surrounding noise (known as noise cancellation), the speaker, and echo cancellation.


There are so many new kinds of hands-free devices. For example, Bluetooth sunglasses technology is currently available for taking calls while you’re out in the sun. There is no doubt that more tools will be crafted for increased access to hands-free enjoyment.


Hands-free sex toys 

There are many hands-free sex toys to explore with too! You can chat it up with hot strangers and even be in control of their devices and, in turn, when they cum! Hands-free sex toys are plentiful and include vibrating panties, insertable vibrators, butt plugs, and more.


No matter what your preferences are, you have options to explore with phone sex. Whether you want to use Bluetooth and talk hands-free while possibly using your hands to explore your body and your feel-good spots or use a hands-free Bluetooth device and hands-free sex toy at the same time, it is totally your call!


There are many ways to explore your desires and have intimate moments with hot and horny strangers. Dial into the chat platform today and see what works for you. There are no wrong ways to explore. So, whether that’s with a hands-free Bluetooth device or sex toy playing, you can experience everything you want to feel with sexy singles.