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Haunting is an online dating term that is related to ghosting. How it all goes down is that someone ghosts you which means they totally disappear and stop responding to all of your communications. However, then a while down the road you notice that they have started to haunt you. No, they have not passed on and turned into a ghost. But you see a like here and there on social media. An emoji comment on a sexy picture or even a follow on a previously unfollowed social media channel. This is haunting. It’s an annoying way that people interact. Sure, they didn’t have the gall to interact with you in person to tell you why they didn’t want to go out on a date with you again, but they still want to get close to your magic on social media.

Are you dealing with a haunting? Well, put up with it no more when you get back on the Talk121 chat line. Here you will be able to chat to strangers on your mobile device and forget about whatever unappreciative souls are haunting your social media channels. You deserve to be respected by whoever you talk to on the phone or whoever you go out with, so when you talk on the phone you can find people who are way too mature to ghost and much more mature than people who haunt. It takes gall to tell someone, “hey, you’re just not the right one for me.” However, you can always find someone new to talk to when you have these annoying and disrespectful dating problems. The different between the phone and online dating is that the people here are enthusiastic about mobile dating, and there is no swiping involved!

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