How to Ask for a Phone Number

By Bhavani Kannan
February 7th, 2017
hot party lines

When you are out in the world you might be wondering if it is ok to go up to that cute girl at the coffee shop who is working diligently on her laptop with headphones in, who so clearly wants to ignore the world. The answer is no, even if you want to give her your phone number so you can take her out on an awesome date. However, if you are talking to a beautiful woman on a hot party lines, the answer magically becomes yes. This is because asking for a girl’s number is all about timing and place. If a girl is trying to get something done, she may not want to talk to anyone, and just existing out in the world is not an invitation to give a girl your thoughts on how hot she is.

However, party chat lines phone number is the right place because everyone is here to get together, at least on the phone, for sexy chat, a hot date or even a hook up. You can get someone’s personal phone number because there is an understanding that on here, we’re all in the same boat. You wouldn’t be derailing a girl’s day or ripping her from her work to simply tell her you think she is hot or ask for her number, it’s in line with the activity at hand and you can always count on people on here to be willing to give you their number. If someone does turn you down, however, don’t get discouraged. There are so many people on hot party lines who are ready to chat that you can just start another call and get the ball rolling with a whole new person who might be more amenable to making a great connection.