A Very Expensive Phone Booth

By Bhavani Kannan
April 3rd, 2018
hot phone lines

What do you think that EPA admin Scott Pruitt was doing with his $43,000 phone booth? Of course we think that he was using it to talk on phone chat lines all of the time because that’s what we would do, wouldn’t you? Well, the investigation is ongoing but we don’t really care about that. what we care about are the details of this fabulous phone booth! The phone booth is supposed to be ultra secure which comes in handy for those super hot phone chats that go into something totally sexy. It has a special ventilation system which allows air in but does not allow sound to go out and it also has a prefabricated steel frame.

Well, if he wants to talk on the phone line for dating that is probably a little too much security, let’s be honest. If you want to do that don’t think that you need to get a phone booth like that one. You could just step outside or talk on the phone when you are not around other people. They don’t have to learn your secrets at all and it’s easy if you just talk on the phone in your car or in your private office. Anywhere that someone is not just going to bust into your space and overhear your conversation.

When it comes to traditional phone lines someone could pick up the line and hear what you’re saying but if you use a cell phone that’s just not possible. When you want some privacy you don’t have to spend more than $40k on your phone booth. You can just find out what people have to say from a private location wherever you are. Now pick up the phone and call your local line!