How to Become Confident Before a First Date

By Bhavani Kannan
May 23rd, 2016
Guy fixing tie in mirror for first date

Here you are, about to go out on a first date that you’ve met on a Talk121 chat line. You’ve talked on the phone for a while, and gotten to know each other a bit so that you know that you both like each other pretty well. Even so, you might be feeling the first date jitters – and that’s completely normal. We’ve got some tips to help you stay confident before the date even starts, which will help you to have a good time and feel good about yourself while you’re out with a potential hook up or love match!

Step 1: Visualize

Before you even go on the date, close your eyes for a minute or two and visualize how you want the date to go. Imagine yourself having a great time chatting and laughing with your potential match and imagine how you want the end of the night to happen – whether that is with a kiss or something more.

Step 2: Think

Think about your best qualities and try to focus on those, mentally for a moment. If you’ve got a great sense of humor or an empathetic heart then you should give yourself a mental pat on the back before you head out. Doing this will help you to highlight your top personality traits while on the date.

Step 3: Rationalize

If you’re worried about how the date will go, it’s always good to think of the worst that could happen, which is not really all that bad. There’s nothing truly awful that’s going to happen if you decide you aren’t really compatible with your date, and it will just have been a learning experience to help you find the date that you really want. Luckily, with Talk121’s chat lines its easy to meet a wide variety of people.

Step 4: Put a spring in your step and a smile on your face

Being positive will make you feel confident, so think the best and have a great time smiling and laughing on your date!