Hot Swimsuit Models Tell You What to Wear

By Bhavani Kannan
March 27th, 2017

When you are going out for your first date with someone from a local chat line number, you might be wondering what you should wear. We have given you some advice about that, but there is some advice out there from people who seem to know a lot. Swimsuit models Ashley Graham, Nina Agdal and Kate Bock recently did an interview that showed what they think about people who go on dates, and what they should wear to impress their interests.

Ashley says that her husband loves it when she just looks natural, so she advises women to not wear too much makeup, and go with a look that highlights what is naturally great about your body. If you’ve got amazing legs, wear a great skirt. If your face is your highlight, make sure it looks awesome with some light makeup.  She says you don’t need a hot cocktail dress and all of that contouring makeup that people are into these days.

Nina Agdal says that whatever you wear, you should be comfortable. That means when you are planning to go out with someone from chat line numbers to call, you don’t have to put on constricting undergarments, etc. Just wear whatever you feel good in and call it a date. She says women can just throw on a comfy dress and guys can just wear a pair of jeans and a button down that feels good.

It seems that these women who look super impressive all of the time think that it is best for everyone to feel comfortable when they are on a date, and not put themselves through too much hardship to look a certain way for their sweetie from a local chat line number. So, pick up the phone, pick out your favorite comfy outfit and get out there!