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I Couldn’t Believe The Fun We Had At The Live Party Room!Stan from Flint writes...

I would like to thank Talk121 for helping me finally find a nice woman to date in the state of Michigan. Every penny counts these days and I found that going to a bar or out to party is just not an option anymore. So I bought a minute package for next to nothing and met an amazing girl in the Detroit chat room. I listened to her profile, left her a message and the rest is pretty much history. She's on her way over to watch the Red Wings game at my place as we speak. Thanks again Talk121 for offering a great alternative to going to the bars.

Looking For A Live Party Room Like No Other?Roxanne from Chicago writes...

One night after my man and I scrapped it out pretty good over a flirty message he left another girl on Facebook, I picked up the phone and called Talk121. I had tried it before and had a little fun but I couldn't believe the amount of people on the phone lines from Chicago this time around. There were teenagers, university students and even a few cougars chatting it up LOL. Even though my man was a jerk I still thought we had something together because I don't think he's the first guy to get carried away on Facebook. So I kept it clean until this lesbo girl named Wendy invited me to have a private chat with her. This girl got me giggling and laughing so hard that I've spoken to her many nights the past two weeks. She's awesome to talk to and after seeing her picture online I must say I'm a little attracted to her. I told my boyfriend about her and I think he's dreaming up some scenario that involves the three of us so he doesn't mind me speaking to her. Talk121 is so much fun and the free trail line is great but buying a minute's package to get access to the Chicago chat line is the best thing ever. It's so cheap that you can buy a membership for the same price as a drink in the club. Thanks Talk121.

The Live Party Room Is At Talk121Danny from Denver writes...

My friends and I just returned from a kick ass weekend at a friend's cottage who I met one night while chatting in the Talk121 party room. Her name is Rebecca and we initially were dating after chatting for a while in the Denver Talk121 party room. We went on some pretty cool dates but for whatever reason we found ourselves more suited as friends. I was a bit upset at first because she's quite attractive. One night while my folks were out of town I had a huge bash at my house. I pondered over who I should invite and when I came across Rebecca's number in my phone I figured I'd be a nice guy and invite her. She brought a group of her friends and before everyone knew it we were having a total blast. Pretty much every weekend since that night we've all hung out as one big group and I'm now actually dating her best friend Stacy. None of this would have been possible without Talk121! Rebecca invited me and a couple of my bros up to her cottage this past weekend and it was a weekend that none of us will soon forget. Anybody in the Denver area would be foolish not to give Talk121 a try because there are so many young people giving it a try.

  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA
  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA

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