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All Those Local Chatlines Are Amazing!Jermaine form New Orleans writes...

I’m always on the go because the catering company I work for requires me to travel from state to state the majority of the time. I can call talk121 from anywhere on my cell without being hit with long distance charges because almost every city has a local talk121 number. I was in Florida a few weeks ago an meet up with a group of ladies I’d been chatting with on talk121. We went and got tattoos and spent the entire day and night together having dinner and exploring Miami. The minute packages are off the hook cheap and don’t cut into my entertainment expenses at all. I would recommend talk121 to anyone who spends time on the road or is new in town, it’s a fantastic way to chat with and meet new people.

Talk121 Is Tops With Their Local Chatlines!Carol from Philadelphia writes...

Who has time to go out and search for men anymore with our busy work schedules? Between working fulltime and running a part-time business from home, along with all the other odds and ends that life throws at you, there’s nothing left. If I find I have and extra 45 minutes at the end of a long day I pour a glass of while wine, pick up the phone and call talk121. I met an awesome guy named Stew who’s just as busy as I am and understands that there’s not much time to have fun anymore. We’ve laughed together on many occasions and we’re going to get together for a bite to eat and a flick next weekend. I’ve found the people on talk121 a pleasure to talk to and way less nut jobs and freaks that you encounter in singles clubs or other dating services.

Local Chatlines That Turn Into Real Dates!Vinnie from Norfolk writes...

Ladies, ladies, ladies. That’s all I can say about the local chatlines at talk121. I just want to thank all the ladies talking on talk121 for giving me hours of wild fun. I’ve talked to blondes and brunettes, young and old. I have no problems talking about everything from the weather to may favorite things to do to a woman behind closed door. I tried talk121 for free for a few weeks with loads of success so I decided to buy a dirt cheap minutes package. I love entertaining women with all my whacky life experiences and I love learning about what makes other people tick as well. Talk121 is the perfect outlet to socialize with people from across the country to right in your backyard.

  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA
  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA

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