Pick the Best Pics to Share

By Bhavani Kannan
October 28th, 2016
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When you’re talking with someone on one of our local dating chat lines, you will probably meet someone you get along well with. If you exchange phone numbers, you might be tempted to share some photos. Well, there’s a juicy new study that has just been published which states that the most attractive photos of women are the ones where they tilt their heads to one side. Some analysts believe that this is because turning your head slightly might indicate that you’re feeling flirty, and it’s simply a non-threatening post.

Another factor that this study found which was important to your likability in a photo is whether or not you smiled with your teeth. People who showed teeth while smiling were more likely to be liked a lot by the people in the study. This is a simple one to figure out – by smiling big you show people that you are friendly and open to connection and adventure.

However, it’s important to note the differences for guys and girls you meet on a sexy chat line. While everyone likes a guy or a girl who smiles while showing teeth, women tend to prefer guys who look at the camera directly. This makes sense when you think of the stereotypes of guys and gals. Guys are supposed to be more dominant and direct, and women are supposed to be less so, whether or not those stereotypes still hold true doesn’t really matter, because this shows that people still like to see those qualities in pictures when dating.

As for the other qualities you should find in a photo, those are up to you. It’s best not to put pictures of yourself with other members of the opposite sex because that can get confusing for a potential date. So give local dating chat lines a try and share your pics with confidence!