New Study Shows How Long Sex Should Last

By Bhavani Kannan
May 25th, 2017
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When you are using our local phone chat you may be looking for someone to have sex with. When you are feeling horny you might be interested in having sex for a long time. Some people try to have sex for a long time but they can’t have it for too long because they end up popping to soon. Well, there’s nothing to worry about but you can tell by this study how long the most desirable sex session should be. According to a study done by UK sex toy retailer the amount of time that most people would like to be having sex is about 30 minutes. However, the reality is different than that. However, of 4,400 people surveyed, 23% of men and 15% of women wish that sex was shorter. The average length of time for hetero sex is about 19 minutes, which falls pretty short of the 30 minute ideal. Luckily for many couples, the study showed that more than 90% of couples have been able achieve orgasm at the same time.

So, the ideal amount of time to have sex is 30 minutes, but the majority of people are having sex for about 19 minutes. Somewhere in between that amount of time is probably great, and of course you will need to communicate with your phone date hook up about how long they would like to ideally have sex for since this study is just an approximation of thousands of people’s opinions. Some people like to have sex for longer with their phone dates and others like to have it for shorter, and some people don’t like to have it at all!

Local phone chat is here for you to meet singles in your local area no matter how long you want to have sex for. You will have a great time learning who is around you and single!