Make Her Cum During Phone Sex

By Bhavani Kannan
August 4th, 2019

Want to make her cum loud on the telephone chatline?! This blog post will give you some ideas on how to get started yet I must warn you what it comes down to is your connection and conversation that you build-up before getting sexual. Think about it, if you build an emotional or intellectual connection with someone before becoming intimate, it often makes the sex better. That also applies to phone sex tho it’s the sexual interaction can occur a lot faster than some in-person connections. That’s because of plenty of people who are active on the free kinky chatline dial in to get sexual and experience mutual masturbation over the phone. It’s always having a quick and light-hearted chat before getting down to dirty talk even if it’s just to understand boundaries and what the other person is interested in exploring.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect and so get involved in the hot girl chat and start talking to friendly strangers. Grab your mobile phone and dial one of the phone sex numbers and you’ll be connected to someone new. Then you can talk for a few brief moments to see if you vibe well. If you don’t, say goodbye and end the call. There are hundreds of individuals that take part in the chatlines and so you will never be in a situation where there is nobody to speak with. There are no wrong ways to explore phone sex but if you are looking to make the lady you’re speaking with cum. Be sure to ask her what she’s into and try that out. You can explore through role-playing scenarios, or you can co-create a fantasy or two. Another way to explore is to remain completely in the moment and see where it goes. You can describe where you are or what you are doing with your hands, for instance.