Make Your Phone Friend Cum

By Stewart
September 12th, 2019

If you have yet to join the sex chat, it’s time to get the phone sex party started! You may be wondering how exactly to have phone sex but phone sex and dirty talk is whatever you make of it. There are no wrong ways of exploring or expressing yourself with the folks you meet through the phone sex sites. Bring up whatever you find sexy or fun and see how Phone friends respond and go from there. 

If you’re wondering how you can ensure that your phone pal cums, you’re reading the right blog post. This blog will explore the signs to listen for and the questions you can ask to have a great time with the people you connect with. If you’re new to exploring the chatlines it’s simple to get started. All you need is a mobile device and then dial the private sex number and then you’ll be connected to someone new. Then talk to your new phone pal for a few minutes and see if the connection is worth it to stay on the call. If for one reason or another, it’s not a good match, say goodbye and end the call. Then you can move on by redialing the sexy chat number to call and chatting with someone else. 

In terms of understanding how to make a phone friend cum it’s all about listening to the signs. Hear out the moans, tone, and words your phone friend makes. You can even ask him or her some questions to find out more and see how they feel. By using good listening and speaking skills you will no doubt make your phone friend feel comfortable. You can also be open to whatever your phone friend expresses and wants to explore. By remaining open to whatever is communicated not only will you learn about yourself but also you will increase your knowledge of people and their desires.