By Stewart
October 3rd, 2021

Masturbation is when you touch your genital areas and body for pleasure. It’s a self-soothing technique that makes people feel good. On the sex chat, you can have fun mutual masturbation sessions on the phone for free!

Masturbation Positions You Should Definitely Try

By Bhavani Kannan
July 15th, 2018

The best love is sometimes self-love, but sometimes we don’t talk about masturbation enough or think it’s awkward to bring up. But when we are alone and feeling horny, we become very familiar with masturbation. Nothing is better then a nice solo session to get you off, plus it has many health benefits. You can either cozy up to a nice porno or dig into your fantasy vault inside your brain to pleasure yourself. If neither of those are giving you the orgasm you want you can always call into our phone sex lines where someone will be waiting for you to come.

Did you know some people, especially females have never given themselves an orgasm? No using of the hands or some vibrating assistance. Well, this blog post is for those that are missing out on one of nature’s greatest gifts. While we celebrate masturbation and getting you down below, we’re shining the light on three very effective solo sex positions that will blow your top off.


The clitoris is the key to climax, remember that. There is nothing like killing two birds with one stone by coming while you bathe. You and light some candles to set the mood, run some hot water and lie on your back and go to town. You can even run the faucet on your clit, or use the showerhead if you don’t have bath.


Masturbating while facedown may be the best way to get off, and you can do it almost anywhere in your home or apartment. The floor, your bed, your couch; all work if you have a vibrator or hand. While your face down, use one hand to place the vibrator between your legs. Your body’s weight against the vibrator will make friction to make sure you come.


Just get a pillow and roll that sucker up so it’s hard and not soft, straddle it. Unlike the facedown position with a vibrator, this position may take a little longer to come because there are no accessories (if you choose not) and the pillow is soft that you are grinding on. This position will make you work, which can be beneficial because it’s like actually grinding your partner.

Now that you have some sexy solo positions, all you need to do is call up our phone sex lines for some steamy phone sex after your done reading this. Make sure to paint a picture for your caller whether you are facedown, in the tub or grinding up on a pillow wishing you were grinding on his dick. Either way or position, our phone sex lines are always open and have some professional dirty talkers waiting for your call.