Bars are Not the Place Anymore

By Bhavani Kannan
May 18th, 2016
Bored couple drinking champagne

Long ago, if you wanted to meet someone for dating, you would go out to a bar and try to pick someone up. However, is that really the best way to meet people? It’s basically like throwing yourself into a mysterious pit that could have angels and flowers in it, but it could also be filled with tigers and danger. Meeting people at bars could give you those special “goggles” that make it so you can not really tell if you’re attracted to them or not, or if what they’re saying is really compatible with what you want from a partner. Don’t be fooled by a fun night out, getting to know someone before you even meet them is really the way to go.

All of the downsides of meeting someone in a bar vanish when you use Talk121 to chat with a potential match before you ever meet up for a date. On Talk121, you can talk to a new date potential from your living room, and you don’t even have to put on pants! You’ll be able to talk to the person in a relaxed environment, where both of you can represent yourself best, as you’ll be feeling quite comfortable.

Why spend all the money you’ve made at bars trying to pick up chicks or get the attention of a guy when you can laze about at home and meet the man of your dreams of the best girl for you without even getting up off the couch? You’ll go into a first date with a clear idea of what someone is really like, since those bar “goggles” won’t be affecting your judgement. And, if you talk to someone on a chat line who doesn’t exactly strike your fancy, then you can always move on to the next person!