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I can’t believe how many people i’ve met on Talk121!Francis from Denver writes…

I share an apartment in downtown Denver with my sister and one day she commented on the fact that I hadn't been out on a date for quite some time. My girlfriend of two years dumped me about six months ago and I've been pretty depressed over the situation ever since. I knew I was dragging the suffering on too long so when my sister said that I took it to heart. I got on the net and after reading many positive testimonials about Talk 121 and all the fun people were having I gave it a call. For no charge at all I spoke to plenty of single girls right in Denver and was well on my way. By the following weekend I was out on the town with a cute girl who I'm seeing again tonight. Next time I'm feeling a little down on my luck I'm calling Talk 121 to turn things around again for sure.

Talk121 has the best meetup lines around!Melissa from Detroit writes…

Until Talk 121 came into my life I had thrown in the towel when it came to dating. I was at the end of my rope after a god awful string of bad dates. With each bad or boring date that passed I became less motivated to get all dressed up for nothing and waste a Friday night. One night while watching TV on the couch I set up a profile on Talk 121 and was bombarded with messages for all types of single guys. I loved having the ability to listen to all their messages and decided which one I liked. I was pleasantly surprised with all the nice guys that were out there and how easy it was to start talking privately with them. After getting to know what they were all about, I decided to take up a couple of guys offers to go out on dates. I've a couple of interesting nights out on the town and I'm ready to ask this one guy out on a second date. Talk 121 is the way to go and I'm glad I discovered how fun and easy it is to use.

Meetup lines that are actually fun and exciting!Mike from Charlotte writes…

Nothing is more exciting in life than going out and having fun with new and exciting people. Talk 121 has helped me build an entirely new group of girls to hang out with. My best friend and I moved to Charlotte to start working for this new company and we didn't know a soul in the city. He came up with the idea to use Talk 121 and now we're both out having fun every weekend with girls we've met on the free chat line. If you're a single person who needs a new way to try and meet people I strongly recommend giving Talk 121 a try.

  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA
  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA

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