Ways to Keep a New Phone Friend Interested

By Bhavani Kannan
October 24th, 2018
mobile chat friend

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This blog explores ways to keep your new phone pals interested in continuing to get to know you. One way to keep your phone pal interested is to ask about his or her life. Ask open-ended questions about topics that you’re actually eager to know and you will not only find out more about your new friend but also about yourself. Feel free to share more about yourself too. This could come out as experiences from your past, perspectives about worldly topics, or something else.

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Another way to keep the conversation flowing with a new individual is to find out what you and your new phone pal have in common. Then you can talk about those subjects. You can also give space for your phone friend to talk about whatever he or she wants to. By using active listening skills, you allow your new friend to be truly heard and cared for and many people on the chat lines are looking for that.

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