New Study Reveals How to Have a Good Sex Life

By Bhavani Kannan
August 15th, 2016
portrait of young couple lying in bed and looking at one another

When you’ve been with a partner for a long while, chances are your sex life will fizzle. There are many things you can try to have good sex, but a new study has come out which can help you fix things in this area. Don’t just give in to what seems like an eventuality, at least not until you’ve read this article! You might be thinking that you’re just here to meet someone on Talk121 chat lines, but you might meet someone for a relationship, and find yourself in this situation one day. We are preparing you for the future!

The study which was done in Israel showed that as long as people in a relationship remain responsive to each other both in and outside of the bedroom, the sex remains good. What does this mean exactly? It means that both partners continue to show a caring and understanding about the other person throughout the relationship. It basically means the partners remain empathetic towards each other even when they disagree or when things get hard. It shows that people who stay committed to making the other person feel good will keep having good sex! The study proves that greater intimacy leads to, well…greater intimacy!

The study was made of three different parts. In all of the parts, the couples involved kept a diary of their sexual desire, arousal and how responsive and intimate they perceived their partner to be. As a result of the study, one of the researchers involved came to the conclusion that “Sexual desire thrives on intimacy.” When you are searching for that special someone on Talk121, you might not be thinking of the long term. However, when you find yourself in the position of waning sexual desire with a long term partner you’ve met here, remember this study!