What NOT to Talk About on Chat Lines

By Bhavani Kannan
November 13th, 2016
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When it comes to phone dating with numbers for free trial chatlines, you could really talk about anything, but there are a few things that you should save for in person conversations or when you know your date a little bit better. It’s not that these topics are completely taboo, it’s simply that in our extensive experience, they have a history of making people feel uncomfortable when talked about too soon.

First of all, keep talk about marriage and making offspring to a minimum unless it is someone you have been talking to for a long time with numbers to call. Even if you know in your heart of hearts that this is a person that you want to be with forever, you could lose that chance if you bring up the idea too soon. When it comes to that, waiting at least a few months to bring it up is always a good idea.

The next taboo topic is definitely exes. Don’t talk too much about your traumatic past relationships or your dirty cheating ex before you definitely know that this person is way into you. Talking about your exes might give the idea that you are not over them just yet, which could be a turn off to potential partners for the future!

Finally, don’t talk about the times you’ve messed up in relationships whether it was forgetting to take out the trash all the time or stepping out on your ex. You can tell those stories later on, but it’s good to make sure someone likes you before airing out all of your dirty laundry!

Pretty much any other topic is up for grabs on our numbers for free trial chatlines, which have tons of singles on them waiting for someone like you to come along and brighten their day with fun conversation that could lead to a real life date!