American Idol Singer Says: Don’t Compromise

By Bhavani Kannan
March 11th, 2017

Colton Dixon is a famous guy who got his start on American Idol, singing his heart out and showing people what he was made of in the competition. He recently released his first album, and as a part of that process, he did some interviews which included some information about his personal life. He recently got married, and he informed his fans and friends that the biggest piece of advice he has for those who may be dating, whether meeting in person or on numbers to call, was to not compromise. He doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t compromise on things with your partner when one of you wants burgers and the other wants pizza. He simply means that if you have something you really want in a partner, whether it’s a certain lifestyle or a certain idea that they hold, don’t compromise on that, because you deserve whatever it is that you want!

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