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I hit the Talk121 online chatting room nightly – its GREAT!Emily from Miami writes...

There was no way I was sitting inside all summer long without meeting some new friends to show me around Miami. I'm 20-years-old and since I was a young girl I've always lived with my grandparents in Toronto. Well they retired and moved to Florida so I decided to go with them and get into school down here. I didn't know a soul and I had only been to Florida once as a kid to go to Disney World. Anyway, I tried some stupid online chatting room for a bit before hearing about Talk 121. I met a seriously genuine university guy very quickly after setting up my profile on Talk 121. He's taken me all over this incredibly massive city. The restaurants and clubs in Miami are more than I ever could have imagined. Thanks Talk 121 for getting me started in Miami.

Every time I’m on the online chatting room I meet a hottie!Rick from Oakland writes...

I recently bought a minutes package with Talk 121 and I'd love to tell you people what a kick ass time I've experienced over the last little while. By just becoming a member you hear about parties and gathering that are going throughout the Talk 121 community in your local area. It's kinda funny, many people who chat on Talk 121 become friends and groups of people come together. I call every night just to get the latest on what new couples have gotten together and who's still available. Facebook is cool and in the past I tried chatting in an online chatting room, but Talk 121 is ten times better. You create a specific profile and girls and even some guys you've heard about and made friends with leave you messages. I've been on dates with plenty of success and I went to a fantastic Oakland Raiders game with a big group of people, mostly chicks, of course. Pick up your phone today people and meet some great people chatting in the Oakland area.

Online chatting rooms are damn great, especially at Talk121.David from Houston writes...

Never again will I subject myself to another boring and uneventful night chatting on the internet in an online chatting room. Thank god I stumbled across Talk 121 one night while surfing the web and I decided to give it a try. Girls everywhere were chatting and looking for single guys like myself to have some fun with. Amazingly I have fallen completely head over heels in love with a young lady named Shelly who I chatted to one night for over six hours. She's all I think about throughout my day at work while sitting at my desk. The easy to use system at Talk 121 makes things such a breeze, that quite possibly anybody in the world could use it. Talk 121 is totally free to use and you're only left with regular phone charges that don't even matter if you have a half decent phone plan. Well work is almost done! I'm on my way home to talk to Shelly and loads of other cool people on Talk 121 all night.

  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA
  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA

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