How to Tell if She Likes You

By Bhavani Kannan
April 25th, 2017
online dating lines

When you are using our online dating lines to find a mate or a match, you might have a hard time telling if she likes you or not? There are some cues and signals that it would be easy to look for, and they will tell you whether or not it’s a good time to make the next move. On the phone it is a bit challenging because you can’t see their facial expressions, but there are still plenty of cues you can listen for.

  1. She asks for your advice

It could be on something simple like what should she make for dinner. But when she asks for your advice or input on something, it means she respects you and wants to take things further. She trusts your judgement so it could be time for an in person phone date.

2. She laughs a lot

When someone laughs a lot at your jokes or just at something silly that you say, you know things could be about to happen. You will have a good time with someone who thinks you are funny, especially if the reverse is true too. When you can both laugh on the phone, you know there is some chemistry.

3. She is always ready to talk

When someone makes time for you, that is a big way to know they like you. Someone who is always ready to chat with you on the phone is probably way into you. Try asking her out on a date and see if the chemistry is there in person too. It’s the logical next step.

4. She asks you out

This is the most blatant way you’re going to know if a chick is into you: she will ask you out on a date herself! Online dating lines make it easy to meet people who are interested in this.