3 Everyday Household Items You Can Use During Phone Sex

By Bhavani Kannan
June 4th, 2019

In this blog, we will discuss a unique way to relate with others on the free trial sex chatline. You are likely seasoned when it comes to phone sex and you can easily step up your game by having some naughty fun with random household items when having phone sex with a sexy stranger. Now if you’re new to the world of the cheap phone sex talk the time is now to change that. Pick up your mobile phone and dial one of the free taboo phone chat numbers to connect with someone new and then you can talk for a bit and decide if your connection is strong enough to keep on the phone sex call. If not, end the call and move on. The chalines are open 24/7 so no matter how late or early it may be, you can redial in and speak with someone new.

One household item you can use that’s easy to locate and always available is different kinds of food. From warm apple pie to a cucumber, you can do some naughty and funny things with food. Fruits and vegetables are not only good for your gut but also good for some naughty times on the phone chat platform.

Another everyday household item that could be used for some naughty play is either a ping ball racket or a tennis paddle. A ping pong paddle will likely be better as it’s small and firm and can totally hit a booty hard or soft and make a fantastic noise for your phone friend to enjoy. You can also simply use your hands which is perfect because it will likely be your go-to.

Another household item that may help with your phone sex experiences are soft things you can use it to caress your body and imagine your phone friend doing that to you. It can be something as soft as a blanket or a feathered pen. Have fun exploring your house and get creative.