Signs Your Phone Buddy is Aroused

By Bhavani Kannan
April 16th, 2019
Dating People

When it comes to phone sex, it’s not uncommon to wonder if the sexy stranger who is on the other end of the naughty sex number of your choice is actually horny or not. If you’re a guy, knowing that your own words are able to make a stranger feel turned on is a big boost for your sexual confidence, and you don’t want to miss on this incredible experience!

Only, it’s not always easy to tell if your dirty talk buddy is actually aroused or not, simply because you can’t see her body language. If she was there with you, in person, you could feel her vagina becoming wetter and wetter as she reaches the peak of her sexual arousal, while her nipples would become harder and swollen because of your sexual skills.

If you can only rely on the sound of her voice, what are the signs that tell you that she’s turned on? Here there are some of the most obvious:

She’s starting to moan. This could be because she can’t take it anymore, and she’s starting to touch herself. It’s obviously a good sign: your words feel so arousing that she wants to turn your dirty talk in a steamy masturbation chat you won’t forget.
She tells you something like “more”, or “again, please”. This is a sign that she likes what you’re saying, and that she wants you to keep turning her on just the way you do. Otherwise, she would sound embarrassed, uncomfortable and maybe she would even try to end the call with an excuse.

She takes the initiative, leading herself to the sex chat. For example, she tells you clearly what she would want you to do to her if you were there, or she starts sharing her sexual fantasies in detail. Great sign: she’s definitely very turned on!

She grabs her vibrator, dildo or other sex toys she may have on handy. Of course, you can’t see if she does it or not, but she will most likely tell you when she wants to bring the dirty talk to the next step with her own sexy accessories. Maybe she will tell you that her dildo feels like you inside of her or such naughty things: you’re on the right path to give her the best orgasm of her life!