Pick Up Lines That Actually Work

By Bhavani Kannan
April 13th, 2017
phone chat date

When you are talking on the line hoping to score a phone chat date, you may try a few different tactics. Some of them might work, and some of them might not work, it’s really all trial and error. One thing you might want to try is a pick up line. This is usually a sweet line that can be kind of funny which starts to get a person interested in you. Here are some pick up lines that actually can work pretty well depending on the person.

  1. “Does your mother need a new son-in-law?”

This one works particularly well if the person you’re talking to just said something you really, really like. Maybe they just professed a love for your favorite hobby, or maybe they said they wanted to make you dinner. Make sure you say this one with a slightly joking or cheesy tone so they don’t think you actually want to get married.

2. “Do you play soccer? You seem like a keeper.”

This is another silly missive that tends to work towards the end of a dating chat phone call. Make sure you reel them in for a second call or even an in person experience by making them giggle. This is especially relevant if they actually do play sports, because they will know exactly what you’re talking about!

3. “If you were a booger, I’d pick you first.”

Everyone picks their nose, but we almost never talk about it, and especially not during the times we are looking for a phone chat date. But hey, you’re looking for someone with whom you are comfortable, so you can test that by talking about gross stuff like boogers on the phone! It’s a great way to flirt while being yourself, if you feel that fits your personality.